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continue的用法_continue to do和continue doing


  • #include stdio.hvoid main(){int i;for(i=0;i5;i=i+1)if (i==2) continue;printf("i=%dn",i);} 为什么输出的结果是i=5?不是应该输出i=1 i=2然后就结束循环了吗?
  • if(i==2) break;这样才能输出0和1你是不是想i=2的时候不打印,其他都打印?


  • 这句的boundless不是应该用boundlessly吗?? 这是什么用法?不用翻译。A mighty long river sometimes flows through a broad section with plains lying boundless on either side, its water rolling on non-stop for thousands upon thousands of miles.While a determined traveler cheerfully continues his journey upon reaching a safe and smooth place. he finds it still more fascinating to come to a rugged place, 【the enormously magnificent spectacle of which, he feels, is better able to generate in him a wonderful sensation of adventure.】括号是什么成分? 最初看起来好像是同位语,但是后面又有一个句子,难道是独立主格结构吗? 3.这句的to the tune of是怎么回事?很莫名其妙啊。 特别是to,怎么会是to?The present national crisis can never obstruct the advance of our national life Let us brace up our spirits and march through this rugged,dangerous road to the tune of our solemn,stirring songs.附上中文:目前的艰难境界,那能阻抑我们民族生命的前进。我们应该拿出雄健的精神,高唱着进行的曲调,在这悲壮歌声中,走过这崎岖险阻的道路。
  • 1 你去查查 lie 的用法吧2 the enormously magnificent spectacle 这个是 rugged place 的同位语,后面的 of which… 是定语从句3 to the tune of … songs. 随着。。的歌曲,做状语

continued working和continued to work的区别

  • continued working和continued to work的区别
  • continue 的用法与搭配1.表示继续做某事,其后既可接动名词也可接不定式,且意义相同。如:They continued to meet [meeting]daily. 他们继续每天都见面。He continued to write [writing]while in hospital. 他住院时他继续写作。2.表示继续维持某一情况时,其后可直接跟名词作宾语,也可先接介词with 再接宾语。如:We will continue (with)the payments for another year. 我们这样的报酬还要维持1年。3.按传统语法,表示中断以后再继续,其后通常只能是story, speech, journey, strike 这样的名词,而不能接不定式或迹袱管惶攮耗归同害括动名词,但现代英语已打破此规则。如:We continued working [to work]after the break. 休息后我们继续工作。4.由于可用于及物或不及物动词,所以有时用主动语态和被动语态意思差不多。如:The story continues [is continued]in the next issue of the magazine. 这个故事在该杂志的下一期里继续刊载。5.比较continue doing sth 与continue by doing sth:前者表示“继续做某事”,后者表示“接着做某事”。如:He continued reading (=to read)all night. 他通宵在看书。He talked about Keats, and continued by reading us a poem. 他谈了济慈,接着给我们朗诵了一首诗。6.continued on page 15与continued from page 15 所用介词不同,意思也不同:前者指“下续第15页”,后者指“上接第15页”。7.可用作连系动词,其后可接形容词、介词短语等。如:We hope the weather will continue fine. 我们希望天气继续很好。Mother continues in weak health. 母亲身体仍然很虚弱。

There are Many kinds of anina such as be

  • There are Many kinds of anina such as bears and zebras
  • 一、suchas的七个用法1.表示举例,意为“例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的”,相当于like或forexample。如:TherearefewpoetssuchasKeatsandShelly.像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。Adverbsareusedtomodifyverbs,suchas“quickly”in“sheranfast”.副词用来修饰动词,例如“她跑得快”中的“快”。Animalssuchasrabbitsanddeercontinuetobeactiveallwinter,findingfoodwherevertheycan.像兔和鹿这样的动物整个冬天都是很活跃的,它们到处寻找食物。用于此义时的几点说明:(1)这类结构既可表现为“名词+suchas+例子”,也可表现为“such+名词+as+例子”。如:Ienjoysongssuchasthisone.=Ienjoysuchsongsasthisone.我喜欢像这首歌一样的歌。(2)若后接动词,通常用动名词,有时也可用动词原形。如:Don’tdoanythingsillysuchasmarryhim.不要做什么蠢事,比如说去嫁给他。Magiciansoftenperformtrickssuchaspullingarabbitoutofahat.魔术师常常变从帽子里抓出兔子的戏法。(3)不要按汉语意思将suchas用作suchlike。(4)其后不可列出前面所提过的所有东西。如:正:Iknowfourlanguages,suchasJapaneseandEnglish.我懂四种语言,如日语、英语。误:Iknowfourlanguages,suchasChinese,French,JapaneseandEnglish.我懂四种语言,如汉语、法语、日语和英语。(5)在现代英语中,suchas可与etc.连用。如:Theyplantedmanyflowers,suchasroses,sunflowers,etc.他们种了许多种花,如玫瑰花、向日葵等。Theyexporta1otoffruits,suchasoranges,lemons,etc.他们出口许多水果,如桔子、柠檬等。2.表示“像……这样的”,其中的as用作关系代词,引导定语从句,as在定语从句中用作主语或宾语。此外,不要按汉语意思把该结构中的as换成like。如:Heisnotsuchafoolashelooks.他并不像他看起来那么傻。Suchmenashe(is)arerarenow.现在像他这样的人很少了。3.表示“凡是……的人(或事物)”、“所有……的人(事物)”,其意相当于everythingthat,allthose,thosethat(who)等。其中的such为先行词,as为关系代词。如:Takesuch(things)asyouneed.你需要什么就拿什么。Youmaychoosesuchasyouprefer.你可挑选自己想要的东西。Such(people)ashaveknowledgeandskillwillnotwanttowork.有知识和技能的人不愁没有工作。4.有时suchas整个儿用作关系代词,用以引导定语从句。如:Wehadhopedtogiveyouachancesuchasnobodyelseeverhad.我们本来希望给你一个别人从未有过的机会。ThenIleftit,feelingaweightatmyheartsuchasIhadneverhadbefore.然后我离开那里,心……余下全文

as LONG as ……怎么翻译

  • just as long as you understand句中这里怎么翻译好
  • asso long as 的用法一、在表示during the whole time that(长达……之久)或while(只要)的含义时,往往用as long as。如: 1. They all continued their regard for me as long as they lived. 他们毕生都在关心着我. 2. For almost as long as Juanita could remember, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing seemed as easy as breathing, and as natural. 在胡安妮塔的记忆中,加减乘除对自己来说早就是如同呼吸一样简单而自然了. 3. As long as there is life there is hope. 留得生命在,不怕没希望. 二、在表示on condition that, provided that或if(只要,如果)的含义时,用as long as或so long as的情况均很常见。如: 1. You can go out, as so long as you promise to be back before 11 oclock. 你可以出去,只要你答应在11点以前回来. 2. Ill accept any job as so long as I dont have to get up early. 只要不必早起,任何工作我都可以接受. 3. So As long as electric current flows through a wire, there is a potential difference. 只要有电流通过,导线就有电位差. 4. These stories reinforced the idea that all individuals, no matter how poor, were capable of becoming wealthy so as long as they were hardworking. 这些故事强化了一种思想,那就是,所有人,不管有多穷,只要勤劳,都能变富有. 三、在表示since, considering that(既然,因为)的含义时,多用as long as。如: 1. As long as weve driven this far, we might as well go on. 我们既然已经驶得这么远了,就不妨继续前进. 2. As long as you are here, go on. 你既然已经来到这里了,就干吧. 3. As long as you are going, Ill go too. 既然你要去,那么我也去. 四、有时,as so long as与if only同义,由它引导的状语分句可不依附主句而单独使用,表示说话人的希望、愿望或遗憾心情等。如: -Its said its going to turn colder and freeze later on. 听说过些时候天气要变冷,有冰冻. -As long as it doesnt ……余下全文




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